Organic Microblading For Semi-Permanent Make Up

Having an even and full set of eyebrows is every girl’s dream. Only the lucky ones have beautiful brows that need minimal to no maintenance. Most of us spend quite a time plucking, shaping and drawing the eyebrows for results that last mere hours. That’s why many get fed up with the routine and seek permanent or semi-permanent solutions such as tattooing or more recently microblading.

Few years ago, I was tired of drawing my thin eyebrows every morning to make them even, so I went to a permanent make up salon and got them tattooed. I ended up with two solid brown brows. They looked fine for few months but they changed to purple after the first year and gradually faded to a pinkish color which I had to conceal with a brown pencil. I wish I knew about microblading back then.

Microblading is a procedure where a technician basically tattoos small strokes on the eyebrows that mimics natural eyebrow hairs which gives superb and natural looking results unlike the solid tattoo technique.

The Procedure


The technician first shapes the eyebrows. She draws the outline and the small hair strokes with a special pen. The technician then uses a small tool called microblade that has a series of microneedles and dips it into a selected pigment solution to make fine cuts on the hair strokes. Once the microblading is done, the technician applies a layer of pigment on the eyebrows for maximum pigment absorption into the cuts. The excess pigment is cleaned and the beautiful set of natural looking eyebrows are revealed.

Reasons Why Microblading  Is Better Than Traditional Tattoo

Even though the procedure of microblading sounds very similar to tattooing, there are two major differences: The pigments used have iron oxide (a natural mineral used in several cosmetic products) and organic pigments which allow the color to gradually fade over time unlike the inks used in permanent tattoo procedures. The other difference is that the pigment in microblading isn’t implanted as deeply in skin compared to old fashion tattoo. Proper and professional microblading targets the upper layer of the dermis and when done right, it creates a beautiful, natural-looking set of brows. Microblading is also used for upper and lower eyeliner as well as lip liner or even full lips.


Organic Microblading

If you are considering this procedure, I highly recommend you go to a facility that offers organic pigments. The traditional inks or chemical based pigments might create an allergic reaction and won’t fade gracefully leaving you with blue, green or purple eyebrows. Organic pigments are derived from minerals, fruits, and leaves and are easy to remove in case you’re not happy with the results.

female eye zone and brows with day makeup

I just recently got my eyebrows done using organic microblading. I will post before and after pictures as well as a video of the procedure in 3 weeks after my touch up.

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