Hello natural beauty lovers and welcome to my blog. My name is Selma and I’m a passionate natural beauty ambassador πŸ™‹ I’d like to use this space to share with you natural beauty recipes and advice for  beautiful and healthy skin & hair.

I grew up watching my mother and grandmother make different skin and hair treatments from natural ingredients such as henna, Rhassoul clay, and several herbs, flowers and rose petals. They also used olive, Argan, rose, and almond oils as skin moisturizers and hair conditioner.

In my late teen years, I began experimenting with synthetic beauty products and makeup. My skin started developing rashes and bad breakouts. I tried several costly solutions but my skin looked abnormally shiny and the effect was temporary.  It was only when I reverted back to natural and organic treatments that my skin started to clear up and glow naturally. 

 I was fortunate enough to travel and live in several countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia which gave me the chance to discover  and experiment with different natural ingredients from every region to create fantastic masks and moisturizers.

 I decided to start this little blog to share with you, my friends, organic DIY beauty recipes as well as reviews on different natural beauty products with the aim to attain and retain healthy and fabulous hair and skin.

Yours truly,

Selma πŸŒΏπŸ˜˜πŸ’•